Monday, February 1, 2010

Notable Stacks & Big Stacks

Unofficial Day 1B Chip Leader: Cornell Cimpan

As play ends in Day 1B, here's some big stacks & notable survivors among the participants that made it to day's end. Official chip counts will be posted in the morning, and the combined Day 1 field will meet in day 2 at 11 a.m. Tuesday. See you then!

Cornell Andrew Cimpan 184,000
Soheil Shamseddin 172,000
Anthony Sivolella 155,000
Alex "Jedi" N. 132,000
Frank Calo 131,950
John Renzi 126,000
Sang Kim 115,300
Michael Mercaldo 113,425
Tommy Vedes 99,900
Jeff Madsen 94,550
Nancy Martin 91,000
James Boyle 89,775

Joe Simmons 67,625
David Laufer 63,100
Dean Schultz 56,800
Feming Chan 52,700
Jason Mercier 50,825
Bill Blanda 38,000
Christian "charder" Harder 37,000
Barry Leventhal 31,000
Allen Kessler 24,000
Al Riccobono 21,050

The Procedure

Tab has stopped the clock with 10 minutes to go in the level, and every table is playing three additional hands before ending play for the night.

Three Eighteen

There are 318 players remaining in Day 1B, with about 18 minutes to go in the last level.

Short Stack Double Up Time

Tsong Lin (Cape May, NJ) catches a lucky break after shoving his short stack (11,000) all in with pocket sevens.

Up against KK with a nightmare flop of K-8-4. Both players stand to see the turn and the river.

Tsong's tournament life is in jeopardy. This could be the end of the road.
But wait...runner, runner 5 - 6 for a miracle straight. Lin doubles up!

KickYourAce Times 1, Not Times 6

Scott "KickYourAce" Newman tells us he was down to 9,000 at one point but has climbed back to 21,000. He admits being a little bored, being used to playing online. "I want to play six games, not one!" he says. Scott would like to give a shout out to his friends from ChipMeUp.


Ten-sion is in the air when Barry Thaler (Brooklyn, NY) has pocket tens and hits quads. Barry does some smooth callin' and some Hollywoodin' until the river when he re-raises and his opponent correctly folds.

Howdy Neighbor

Jeff Madsen (seated) talks with Jason Mercier

As tables start condensing, Jeff Madsen's been reseated at table 3 and is next door to Jason Mercier who's been at table 4 all day.

In fact in a statistical anomaly, table 4 loses it's first player with 40 minutes left of play on the night. That's nearly 12 hours of play with the same 10 players and 300,000 chips.

The first victim is David Murgas (Loretto, PA), who has less then 1k after losing the hand before. Al Riccobono (Ossining, NY) sends him to the rail when his 10-8 flops trips against Murgas' 9-8.

Riccobono's been on life support most of the day, while Mercier has 40k. Next door Madsen is at a healthy 110k.

Level 8 winding down.

Event #21 Payouts

Here's the official payouts for the $400 + $50 Event #21. There are 35 remaining, so they're really close to the money.

Participants: 209
Prize Pool: $81,092

1st: $24,328
2nd: $13,786
3rd: $7,582
4th: $5,676
5th: $4,866
6th: $4,055
7th: $3,244
8th: $2,433
9th: $1,622
10th-12th: $1,054
13th-15th: $892
16th-18th: $730
19th-27th: $608

A Message from John Mpenehoutsos

John M was one of the chip leaders in Day 1A yesterday, and he'd like to give a shout out to his friends back home in Toronto. He's checking out the action today and getting a massage while he's down here. He tells us he ran 12,000 to 107,000 during the last level yesterday with two hands in particular: a set over set and a turned full house.

Level 8

Blinds are 250 / 500 with a 50 ante. This is the last level of the evening.

Oracle FlopsThe Nuts

Roy Winston has Q 10 and gets a near perfect flop of A K 7 and it's bad news for the guy holding A K ♠. Winston's opponent gets his last 25k all in and "The Oracle's" nut flush holds up to take down the pot.

Winston is now at 75k.

Break Time

The remaining players in the championship event, Day 1B, are on the final 10 minute break of the evening. They'll return to play one more level tonight.

Coupla Big Bustouts

We heard that Matt Stout busted with his K-K in the shortstack versus another player's Q-J: Jack on the flop, queen on the river.

Also, Mirsad Kovaci told us that he lost with a jack-high flush versus a king-high flush. He cashed in the 2009 Summer Open and Winter Open championship events, and his run unfortunately ends here. He'll be back, though.

Josh Brikis, who is far from out, tells us he lost a big pot with Q-Q versus K-K, but still has 96,000 - well above the chip average.

Look Out For Table 33

Buzz around the Championship is that table 33 is crazy funny, or maybe it's funny crazy.

Funny because everyone is having a great time. Laughing, showing cards, egging people on...

Crazy because every pot is at least 15 to 20,000.

James "KGB" Bonfanti (Long Island, NY) has been there through it all. He pointed to his chip stack of 75,000 saying, "See that - I got that with only K-3. It's crazy." Then he laughed.

Part of the entertainment is coming from Soheil Shamseddin. When Sham Wow had AK and was up against an all-in AA he told the man holding rockets, "Good Luck" as if his A-K was way ahead.

When discussing Soheil's game KGB could only describe it with one word - FEARLESS.

Pilgrim's Progress

Dwyte Pilgrim tells us he won a race with A-K versus J-J recently, ace on the flop, ace on the turn. He's sitting pretty with 69,000 at the moment.

There are 360 players remaining in Day 1B.

Not So Wise Play Helps Weisner

Melanie Weisner

Melanie Weisner (Houston, TX) is sitting on 85,000 chips. Ten thousand of them fell into her lap, sort of. "I normally play on-line and this is something that could never happen on-line" said the spirited Weisner.

Melanie had A-Q on a board of A-K-10-K-Q. The way the hand was bet she put her opponent on an ace and tried to bet him off the river and a chop since her Q no longer played.

Opponent calls the final bet. Melanie flips over her A-Q. Fortunately the table remained silent as Weisner's opponent looks at his cards then angrily chucks his A-10 into the muck, believing he was beat. Whoopsie.

Too late, a muck's a muck. Melanie scoops the entire pot with a Cheshire smile.

"The bottom line is if she's in the hand, the chips go over to her", said the player to Melanie's right.

More to come from Melanie as she promised to recap a couple of big hands she couldn't reveal in front of her table.

Official Championship Event Payouts

There were 766 entries in the $3,300 + $200 No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event. The prize pool is $2,451,966.

1st: $625,006
2nd: $367,794
3rd: $190,027
4th: $165,508
5th: $140,988
6th: $116,468
7th: $91,949
8th: $67,429
9th: $49,039
10th-12th: $31,876
13th-15th: $23,294
16th-18th: $14,712
19th-27th: $11,034
28th-36th: $9,317
37th-45th: $7,846
46th-54th: $6,866
55th-63rd: $6,375
64th-72nd: $6,130

Event #21 Update

Event #21: $400+$50 No Limit Hold'em

There are 50 players remaining in this event. They're on level 11 with blinds of 800 / 1,600. The top 27 cash, which should happen in an hour or two. It's a one-day tournament, so they're playing the whole way tonight.

Level 7

Blinds are 200 / 400 with a 50 ante. This level and then one more level after that, and we're done for the night.

Hockey, Eh?

A few hockey fans out there, such as Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah, seem to be more interested in the Buffalo Sabres / Pittsburgh Penguins game than the championship event at hand. It's 5-3 Penguins at the moment.

As for poker, there are 379 players remaining in Day 1B.

We're Back

Blinds are still 150 / 300 with a 25 ante for the next 30 minutes.

"Sham" Wow

Soheil Shamseddin

Soheil Shamseddin continues to play well.

Board of Q-J-A-6. Soheil bets 6,000 on the 6 and everyone folds.

The boisterous Shamseddin proudly boast, "You were ahead" as he tables 6-10 of diamonds and snickers.

"Sham" is wowing his way up the charts with a 120,000 chip stack.

Faces In The Crowd

Borgata Babes of the Felt

Lisa Pickell (Brick, NJ)

Joanne Monteavaro (New York, NY)

Cimpan = Chip Man

Cornell Andrew Cimpan

Cornell Andrew Cimpan (League City, TX) continues to run rings around table 1. After knocking out recognizable names Joe Sebok and Jonathan Little, he takes down another big pot right before dinner break.

The flop is K 10 J and the money is all in. Cimpan hits a set with J J , but has to dodge a ton of outs as his opponent holds Q Q in a virtual coin flip.

The board bricks out and Cimpan is still the "Chip Man," with more than 150k.

Dinnner break continues.


The remaining 386 players or so in Day 1B are on a 1 hour, 15 minute dinner break.

Chip Leader?

SEAT OPEN TABLE 13 courtesy of Alex "Jedi" Nepomnyaschiy who has 130,000 chips.

His pocket kings topple J-K on a board of K-2-8-Q-Q and sends another player to the rail.

Alex is quiet no more. Since this hand he's tacked on an additional 13,000 for a total of 143,000.

At this break, Alex has one of the biggest stacks in the room, if not the biggest.

The Thrill of Defeat

We can usually hear Will "The Thrill" Failla before we see him. In this case, we were called over to hear about a 35,000 pot he just lost with A-K versus Q 10 on a J-8-3 board with two spades. The opponent hit the spade he needed, and Will's sitting on about 20,000.

He's Not Yet Dead

Al Riccobono says he's not dead yet, and has 12,000. Nearby, Mike "Little Man" Sica has 25,000. He says it's slow, but that all could change. "It could happen all at once. I want to have chips when it does come," he says.

Also in the room: Allen Kessler has 37,000, and to his left is Christian "charder" Harder with 19,800.

There are 396 players remaining in Day 1B.

Level 6

Blinds are 150 / 300 with a 25 ante. Shuffle up and meal! (in 45 minutes).

Big Slick Not So Slick

"In the last two rounds I had A-K three times and lost every time for a total of16,000" so says avid Borgata Blog reader and poker player Len Torchia (Pompton Plains, NJ).

The last hand before the last break, Len's A-K went down in flames against opponent's runner runner diamond flush. Len, currently at 25,000 in chips, was still in good spirits but threatened to go all in the next time he looks down to find big slick.

Break Time

The remaining 410 or so players are on a 10-minute break. They'll come back and play about 45 minutes of the next level, and then break for dinner at 7 p.m. with the clock stopped mid-level.

This Number Brought To You...

There are 420 players remaining in the Day 1B field. Coincidentally, Matt "AllInAt420" Stout is at the table nearest to the clock with the player count on it. Stout's down to 17,675. David Inselberg, at the same table, has 63,000.

Two Notable Knockout Blows

Meet Cornel Andrew Cimpan (League City, TX). I'm pretty certain Joe Serok and Jonathan Little wish they never did. Cimpan caught lucky and busted out two of the field's most notable players.

Serok turned a set at the same time Cimpan hit his gutshot. All the chips got in and Cimpan won.

Against Little, Cimpan chased a flush and hit the river to felt Jonathan's A-Q top two pair.

Cornel Andrew Cimpan's chip stack is 115,000 and growing.

Who will he knock out next?

Official Numbers

There are officially 766 players in the combined day 1A and day 1B starting fields. That creates a first place price of about $625,000, paying out 72 spots.

That's ... Not a GOOD River

David Laufer (Brooklyn) says four players limped to him in the big blind, and he looked down at K-K. He bumped it to 1,500 and one player stayed in, re-raising to 2,400. David called. The flop was K-x-x with one club and both checked. The turn was a 9 and both checked. The river was A and David checked. The opponent bet 11,000 and David called. The opponent turned over A-A for a rivered set! David got knocked down to 10,000 on that hand, but has doubled up since and now has 21,255.

That's ... Not a GOOD Flop

Vinny Pahuja tells us he was involved in a disgusting hand with Roland Isra. Vinny raised and Roland called. The flop was 5-7-8 with two hearts and both checked. The turn was A and Roland checked. Vinny bet 625 and Roland just called. The river was Q and Roland led out for 1,600. Vinny made it 5,150 and Roland 10,000. Vinny called.

Vinny showed A A, but Roland had 9 6 for the flopped straight! Vinny got knocked down to 12,000 and is currently sitting on but 10,000 in chips.

Is The New Best Hand In Poker 2-3?

Soheil Shamseddin has a WPT Season 8 title to his name and is trying to take down the Borgata Winter Open Championship as well. His weapon of choice, "2-3 off-suit".

As the rest of the table razzed him, Soheil proudly defended, "I was trying to steal, then backed into a straight." On a board of A-K-2, Soheil hit runner, runner 4-5 to make the wheel.

Next the mighty 2-3 off suit took down pocket queens. I asked Shamseddin if 2-3 was his favorite hand. He replied, "No. I defend. I'm a position player". The player who had Q-Q shouted back, "Position player? I raised pre-flop four times the blinds."

One of These Bingers Is Not Like The Other

Nick Binger, toward the front of the room, is down to 17,050. Several tables over, more in the center, his twin brother Michael Binger has 29,575. These brothers have numerous poker successes to their name, regardless of how they do here in the championship event.

Level 5

Blinds are 100 / 200 with a 25 ante. Shuffle up and steal! Blinds.
Jason Mercier

Not a lot of big hands for bracelet winner Jason Mercier, who's involved with a lot of 10k pots. "A few big pots, nothing huge," he says. "I'm doing alright."

Mercier's sitting with 40k as players start Level 5, the first with antes (100/200/25 ante).

Mercier avoids the first hand back from break as the player in the 10 seat rivers quad jacks. Al Riccobono (Ossining, NY) calls the last 5k hand and mucks, he's down to 10k and feeling the need to make something happen.

Break Time

The remaining 430 or so players in Day 1B are on a 10 minute break.

Leafs Falling

On a board of 9 6 3 A Q, Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah's opponent bets 16,200. Mike goes into the tank and eventually the clock is called. At one minute, Mike calls. His opponent shows 6 6. "Almost won it," he mutters. Mike is down to 33,025.

At an adjacent table, John Racener is doing a bit better at 85,000.

Have You Met Ted?

Ted Goldbergh (originally Baltimore, now NYC) says him and another opponent at the table played heads up for the first half hour of play today - because nobody else had shown up! "He took some chips off me," said Ted, indicating his opponent now two seats away, "But I won't hold it against him."

Also at the table is Alex "Jedi" Nepomnyaschiy, who's been uncharacteristically quiet today. Expect that to change if he manages to build up a stack.

High Earners In The Field

Alan Kessler has 36,000 in chips.

Rather than talking about himself he humbly seemed more interested in pointing out other players in the field with large career earnings who have impressed him.

One was an internet poker player sitting directly to his left, Christian Harder (Annapolis, MD) and the other, two tables over, was Jonathan Little (Pensacola, FL).

Alan - "These guys are much better players than I am. You should be talking to them."

So I took his advice and met Jonathan. He's sitting on a stack of 20,000 after flopping a set against Fred Paradis (Jewett City, CT) flopped a straight.

As we were chatting, Jonathan's card, an ace, flipped over while being dealt. He joked, "I'll keep this one...No? Okay I'll give it back."

Kessler was right in that Jonathan's career earnings are over four million.

Treading Like a Fox

We asked Dave Fox if anything interesting happened in the first couple levels today. "Well, I picked off 10,000 in bluffs, and I bluffed 10,000," he said. He's still got around the starting stack as a result. Good luck, Dave!

Veteran Poker Player Profile

High stakes Borgata regular Dick Carson (Mansfield, MA) just raked in 35,000 when his pocket aces held up against A-K. "Thank God for small favors. Hope I make it to Thursday. Long way to go. This is like a marathon."

Dick has played in every Borgata Winter Open since he moved here from Tyler, Texas.

"I've been playing this game since 1961 back in Texas where it all started."

Dick's up to 70,000 in chips. He claims his secret to winning today comes from getting a great massage from Priscilla, who is Carson's favorite.

Event #21 Update

Event #21: $400+$50 No Limit Hold'em

There were 205 runners in the $400+$50 Event #21, and they just broke a table down to 140 players. Among the final 140 are PPI's own Eric Siegel. He said he didn't have the greatest day in the Championship Event. Here's to better success today!

Sweet (Lee) Childs O'Mine

Lee Childs

Lee Childs is having a wide variance of results with quality starting hands. He's had pocket queens five times, but hasn't won any pots with them. Childs has also had 4 sets and has gotten paid every time.

"I've gotten a lot of pocket pairs," says the 7th place finisher from the 2007 WSOP Main Event, "but they've been a lot of small pots."

While holding another pocket pair, 8 8 , Childs flops an open ended straight draw on a board of 6 7 9 . The turn is the 10 and gives him the straight.

Childs has to slow down on the river as the K gives a player holding Q-J the higher straight.

Childs calls a river bet and sees his straight to the the 10 is good, taking him to 49k.

Level 4 (100/200) is winding down.

Day 1B Numbers

491 players are entered in Day 1B, to set the field at 766. First prize will be north of $600,000.

Level 4 (100/200) is underway.

"Oracle" Update

Roy "The Oracle" Winston loves table 19. Says it's a good, solid table.

Even though Roy's stack is about where he started, he's able to joke around with Jared Jaffee the player to his left.

Roy - "He's a three betting machine."
Jaffe - "I'm trying to learn. Roy's teaching me."

Jaffee has 38,000 in chips.

My Favorite Martin

Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin (Washington Crossing, PA) had high hopes that she'd get to play with her son Michael in their first live event together, unfortunately the accomplished pro is delayed in New York City and couldn't make it to Borgata.

"I'm extremely disappointed," she says with a smile. "I'd like him to feel bad, but I understand," she laughs.

Michael Martin, who won the 2008 EPT Championship in London, should been proud of mom who's up to 60k after turning quad jacks. "He texted me this morning," she says while showing the message: 'Good Luck. Play your game and you'll do fine.'

So far so good, as Level 3 is winding down and players are on a 10 minute break.

Madsen's The King(s)

Jeff Madsen

Jeff Madsen's all in and at risk, but in reality he has a strangle hold on a hand that doubles him up. After all the preflop action, both Madsen and seat 10 check the flop of K 6 5 .

The turn brings 8and seat 10 leads out for 5k.

Madsen pops to 12k and his opponent moves all-in, costing Madsen 13k more.

Madsen snap calls and shows K K vs 8 8 for set over set. The river is a blank and Madsen now has nearly 60k.

"When you hit hands like that, it makes you feel like you're playing alright."

Level 3 (75/150) underway.

Spinning And Winning

In the longest hand I've seen so far, Marc Podell (New York City, NY) raises 425 and opponent re-raises to 1200. Marc smooth calls and the two of them see a flop of 4♣ A 8

Marc checks and opponent bets 500.

Marc spins a spherical top-like card protector and thinks and thinks. Finally he re-raises.

Now Marc's opponent goes into the tank for several long minutes and he re-raises.

This time Marc immediately re-raises an additional 13,500 causing his opponent to insta-fold.

We never see their hole cards, the turn or the river.

At this stage of the tournament players are taking their time to make the correct decisions so they don't bust out early.

First Break Of The Day

We've reached the first break of the day.

480 + players are in the field.

Registration is closing shortly.

We'll provide final total # of players once we have them.

Kessler Buzzing Along

Allen Kessler

On board of J-2-4-8-K, Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler (Las Vegas, NV) bets 950 and Christian Harder (Annapolis, MD) calls. Kessler tables 8 8 for a set of 8s and a small pot while Harder mucks.

"Every tournament I hand out the BPR award and "Charder" always gets it," Kessler ribs. "Best Player in the Room."

Off To A Rough Start

Paul Wasicka takes an early hit when pocket kings are cracked by J-9.

Level 2

Blinds are up to 50/100.

More recognizable faces: Allen Kessler, Paul Wasicka (2nd place 2006 WSOP Main Event, Michael Binger (3rd place, 2006 WSOP Main Event), bracelet winner Jason Mercier and two time bracelet winner Jeff Madsen.

Borgata Bloggers Rock

Phil Vera (Ashburn, VA) placed third in Saturday's Event #18 ($1500 No-Limit) and is currently playing in the Championship Event.

He seems to think some of his lucky hands and good runs kept coming in correlation to whenever Borgata blogger Bradley Utz would post about him. He just wanted to thank him.

Since I've taken over for Bradley, I guess Phil is waiting to see if my posts will help or hurt his poker mojo.

The lesson here is - Be sure to tell us about your bad beats and lucky draws and keep following our site.

Pouring "Saltiel" in the Wounds

Rob Saltiel from New York City adds 20,000 to his stack as he ruler-slaps the knuckles of Ken "Teach" Aldrige's A-K.

Ken from North Carolina bets with big slick and Rob re-raises with A-9 only to hit a dream flop of A-9-8. Filling up with a river 9 sealed the deal for Saltiel and the pot.

Another player, not in the hand, sitting on two stacked chairs and drinking two cups of coffee stood up and proclaimed, "Man, they're swinging for the fences early here!"

Event #21 Underway

In addition to the Championship Event, there are 4 more chances for players to win titles beginning with Monday's noon start of Event #21 ($400 + $50).

Events 21-24
are all one day tournaments and we'll give you selective updates on the field and chip counts, and as always we'll have coverage off all the winners.

Today's button starts in the six seat, shuffle up and deal!

Cowboys Win! Cowboys Win!

Some early players splash around at table 28 and run into a tidal wave of back to back pocket kings held by Brian Haveson.

Cowboys earn a quick 8,000 to our table-leader's starting stack of 30,000.

First hand: K-K vs. Q-10 suited. Board of A-J-2-K-A.
Q-10 hits the straight but loses to the full house.

Second hand: K-K. K on the flop for a set. A nice raise by Brian takes it down.

Seat Fillers

Day 1B will be much larger than Day 1A's 275 players. The early recognizable list includes Roy Winston, Bill Blanda, Matt Stout and James Boyle as players start filling in the empty seats.

Players start with 30,000 chips (600 big blinds), levels last 75 minutes and the blinds start at 25/50.

Day 1B Underway

Al Riccobono Ready for Play?

First Full House

Bill Blanda (South Philly, PA) and Alex Berger (Manhattan, NY) are the first at table 2.

As others fill in, I look up and notice a board of 4-A-5-A-5. Early action as Bill re-raises the river.

Opponent folds and flips over a wired pair. Bill laughs saying, "I got one of these." He tables a two.

"Okay, I got one of these also." Opponent happy to see Bill's ace and full-house.

Day 1-A Results for the Championship Event

Here are the results from Day 1A of the Championship:

1. AL GRIMES: 156,250

2. JENA DELK: 145,750
3. GAVIN SMITH: 123,950
5. MARIO VITALE: 118,150
6. TONY BURTON: 117,900
7. DANIEL SHAK: 112,375
8. MICAH RASKIN: 111,250
11. GREGORY BROOKS: 102,750
12. JOSE REYES: 102,000
14. FOUAD QREITEM: 96,425
15. ADAM ADLER: 94,500
17. ANDREW HIPPLER: 88,825
18. JON FAVALORO: 84,150
19. JOSEPH PITEK: 83,675
20. BRIAN MEINDERS: 83,075
22. ROBERT FIKAC: 82,400
23. JOHN DIBELLA: 81,275
24. NACHMAN BERLIN: 80,000
26. STUART MARSHAK: 74,475
27. PAOLA MARTIN: 74,375
28. DAVID FARAH: 71,125
29. MICHAEL SIWEK: 71,125
30. RICHARD PYNE: 71,000
32. ERIC DOERR: 70,700
33. KAREN DINUNZIO: 70,475
36. CASEY YONTZ: 69,950
38. HIEU MINH NGUYEN: 68,000
39. HOWARD BROWN: 66,700
40. AMIR ZAKEN: 66,325
42. EUGENE CASTRO: 65,950
43. ALON YEHUDAI: 65,700
45. NEEHAR BANERJI: 64,600
46. MARC MANIN: 63,625
48. PROS SENG: 62,350
49. MARK DICKSTEIN: 62,325
51. ROBERT TETI: 61,125
52. GORDON ENG: 60,950
56. JOHN LAKATOSH: 56,000
57. BARRY WENGER: 55,175
59. JOSHUA HILLOCK: 54,050
60. GIOCONDO NIRO: 53,575
61. KETAN PANDYA: 53,475
63. JANOS BODOR: 52,800
64. YAT CHENG: 52,475
65. JOHN MOORE: 52,050
67. WILLIAM GAZES: 51,600
68. ALAN GOULD: 51,025
69. LEONID LERNER: 50,000
70. JARED OKUN: 49,550
71. FRANK CIERI: 49,425
72. JASON YOUNG: 49,225
73. FARROKH FORCE: 48,150
74. DAVID WHALEN: 47,650
75. JAMES HUGHES JR: 46,875
78. DAVID HONG: 46,200
80. ROBERT PERRY: 45,350
82. BRIAN ALEKSA: 44,100
83. JASON SACKLER: 43,150
85. DAVID CLARKE: 42,450
88. JASON PASTER: 39,550
89. CARL DAVIS: 39,175
90. NICK PALAVIS: 39,075
91. PAUL SLEEPER: 38,875
94. ONOFRIO REINA: 38,225
95. ROBERT HWANG: 37,925
97. AZIZ WEHBEY: 37,550
98. BRANIMIR KRGIN: 37,125
99. JOHN DAGOSTINO: 37,100
100. ILYA OCHAKOVSKY: 37,000
101. JEFFREY MODEL: 36,175
104. LUIS GOMES: 35,750
105. ALAN ENGEL: 35,725
106. ALEX ORTIZGOMEZ: 35,625
107. RAY SHACKELFORD: 35,400
108. JOE JACOB: 35,200
110. KIM FINDURA: 34,650
112. ANTHONY FUNG: 33,825
113. JASON LASO: 33,450
114. TREVOR SAVAGE: 33,000
115. PHONG THAN NGUYEN: 32,625
116. DAVID GRANA: 32,350
117. DAVID PAREDES: 31,450
118. JOHN MATWEY: 30,875
119. RYAN ERIQUEZZO: 30,575
120. ROGERIO SOUSA: 30,550
121. MANELIC MINAYA: 30,275
122. MIGUEL BORRERO: 30,050
124. ADAM GERBER: 29,000
125. SCOTT LAZEWSKI: 28,150
126. ELON DIAMOND: 27,949
127. MATTHEW BROWN: 27,400
129. ROBERT WISIAK: 27,000
130. DENNIS SUMMERS JR: 26,950
131. SHANE GROFF: 26,850
132. DAVID HARRIS: 26,500
133. VANCO NIKOLIC: 26,450
134. GARY SCHOENGOLD: 26,100
135. WILLIAM HILL: 26,000
136. FRANK WALKER: 25,425
137. BARRY BERGER: 25,175
139. LOUIS,JR CRISPINO: 23,875
140. MATTHEW BRADY: 23,675
143. CHRIS MCCORMACK: 21,000
144. THONG TRAN: 20,675
146. SANDRO CAMPOLI: 19,750
147. STEVE BRECHER: 19,700
149. FREDERICK LI: 19,125
150. JAMES ROMOSER: 18,700
151. MARK BERNSTEIN: 18,350
154. MANISH PATEL: 16,200
155. MITESH SHERE: 16,025
156. SPIROS MARKATOS: 15,575
158. AVDO DJOKOVIC: 14,300
159. VINCENT LONGO: 14,075
160. JEFFREY KINGE: 14,050
161. MARC DAVIS: 12,025
162. RONALD MASET: 11,975
165. HUGO DUMOULIN: 7,225
166. SIMON YEFREM: 4,500

Day 1A Video Montage

Featured Players: Olivier Busquet, Mike
Dentale, Billy Gazes, Johanssy Joseph &
chip leader Al Grimes.