Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Luck Guys

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

The Final Table

Seat 1 - Michael Shasho
Seat 2 - Vasillos Hrisafinis
Seat 3 - Phillip Vera
Seat 4 - Anthony Zinno
Seat 5 - Matt Glantz
Seat 6 - Michael Buttacavoli
Seat 7 - Phil Collins
Seat 8 - Adam Lippert
Seat 9 - Daniel Garon
Seat 10 - Chris Bell

11th place (Bubble Boy) - Manny Syragakis

Two Tabling

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

12 players remaining
Avg. Stack: $591,300

The Final Two Tables

Event #18 - NLHE Chip Counts

Table 1
Adam Lippert - 540,000
Chris Bell - 385,000
Matt Glantz - 381,000
Vasillios Hrisafinis - 281,000
Daniel Garon - 1,900,000
Manny Syragakis - 220,000

Table 2
Paul Volpe - 190,000
Phil Collins - 990,000
Michael Buttacavoli - 403,000
Michael Shasho - 410,000
Anthony Zinno - 802,000
Phillip Vera - 1,400,000

Final Table Bubble

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Recent Bustouts:

13th - Michael Finstein
14th - Jesse Yaginuma
15th - Lee Biars
16th - Mike "lil Man" Sica
17th - Thomas Livia
18th - Thomas Hare
19th - Shawn Busse

Cards back in the Air

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Back from Dinner Break,
Chip Counts and Bust Outs coming soon...

Let's Eat

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

The remaining 19 players are currently on Dinner Break.
Play will resume in 1 hour.

Poker Birthday

To: Christa Tozzi
Happy Birthday, sorry I'm not there.

Adam Lippert

PS - I'm trying to win a big poker tournament,
cash coming your way if I ship it!

Almost Dinner Time

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

19 players remaining
Dinner Break in 20 minutes

Recent Bustouts:
20th - Randy Lowery
21st - Donald Himpele
22nd - Stephen Barbella
23rd - Michael Noda
24th - Matt Stout
25th - John D'Agostino

Vera's Entourage

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Holly, Jeff and Minx - No worries, your boy is still in!
Phillip Vera currently sits with $605,000.

PPI Perspecitve - All In For A Cure

By Eric Siegel - PPI Marketing and Player Development Leader

"Giving back" is an important element of the poker community. From local charities to global causes, poker players both amateur and pro are recognized as an influential group in raising funds and awareness for such charitable organizations.

Many PPI members in force at this year's Borgata Winter Open - looking to take home titles and support a variety of charities. One of the causes PPI supports is the “All In For A Cure” poker pledge program for the Nephcure Foundation.

Nephcure is the only organization solely committed to finding a cause and a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS. The pledge program was initiated by PPI to give poker players around the world the opportunity to donate a percentage of their tournament winnings to help raise awareness and funds for these two devastating diseases.

You'll see many players that have taken the pledge to help raise awareness at Borgata and other events around the country wearing orange bracelets and patches with the message "Saving Kidneys -Saving Lives."

My partners Gene Castro and Randy Kasper, along with PPI players, have rallied behind the Nephcure Foundation in making this program a success. Their support of this charitable organization means a lot to me and my family, as my son suffers from Nephrotic kidney disease.

I'm here playing at Borgata with friends Frank Vizza, Al Riccobonno, Paul Kitsos, Jason Young, Matt Glantz, Will "The Thrill' Failla, Jon "Promo" Werz and many others. They have not only taken the pledge, but have helped promote the cause and raise awareness to the poker world.

Recently world renowned poker player Jennifer Harman has taken the Nephcure pledge and has offered her support of the program. Harman, who suffers from kidney disease and has had two transplants herself said, "kidney disease is extremely difficult. It is invisible and affects kids and adults alike. Nephcure is trying to find an answer, and I'm here to help by supporting All In For A Cure."

Having her involved in this program is a tremendous benefit to everyone, and I expect it to lead to more players coming on board. Everyone is invited to join us. By doing so hopefully we can find a cure for this horrible disease that affects thousands of people. If you would like to learn more about taking the pledge visit this link, or you can speak to me directly here at the Borgata Winter Open.

We appreciate everything that Borgata does for poker and giving PPI the opportunity to expose players to a worthy cause like "All In For A Cure."

Omaha/Stud, Kessler Takes Title

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

Allen Kessler (Las Vegas, NV)
1st Place - $14,744

Allen Kessler takes the mixed game title after hitting a queen on the river for a full house to eliminate Kim Findura who turned a straight during the Omaha level. "This is great and these are my two best games," says Kessler. "I've won titles in stud, Omaha and now in both."

Kessler starts the hand with a pair of 4s in the hole and flops a set on a board of 4-J-Q. The turn is an 8 and gives Findura a queen high straight while holding 9-10-Q-2. The river queen is Kessler's saving grace as he takes the title.

"If I win that hand I'm back in it," says Findura who takes home $8,138 and is her second cash in the Borgata Winter Open after winning the Ladies tournament (Event #9).

"I'm pleased," says Kessler, "especially since I was down to 4 thousand, late last night." Kessler says he closed Friday with a good run, including a double up, to move him into second in chips heading into Saturday's play.

Kim Findura (Butler, NJ)
2nd Place - $8,138

Omaha/Stud, 3rd - Carter

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

Lina Carter (Absecon, NJ)
3rd Place - $4,548

Lina Carter loses her last 250k when Allen Kessler hits the river wheel on 7th street of the stud round. Carter has 6-4-6 to start and her pair of 6s are good until Kessler finds a 5 to complete his straight.

"I played well," said Carter, who earns $4,548 for third place, "but come to think of it, he (Kessler) came into a raised pot with a jack showing, make sure you write that."

Carter's a Borgata regular who's been playing well. "I expected to make the final table. That's the norm."

Kessler now has a 10 to 1 chip lead with more than one million chips, as he begins heads up play against Kim Findura.

Omaha/Stud, 4th - DeAngelo

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

Anthony DeAngelo (Sewell, NJ)
4th Place - $3,351

Anthony DeAngelo bows out in 4th place in this mixed event when he ships his last 90k to Lina Carter. "I played great," says the WSOP 1995 bracelet winner, I only made one mistake which cost me, but overall I'm very pleased."

Brady Busts

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Recent Bustouts:
26th - Matt Brady
27th - David Finkelstein
28th - Louis Cicala
29th - Thomas Taylor

The Grind

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

The grind continues as we inch towards the Final Table.

Chip Counts:
Michael Buttacavoli - 498,000
Michael Shasho - 431,000
Daniel Garon - 420,000
Lee Biars - 400,000
Adam Lippert - 330,000
Phil "USCphildo" Collins - 278,000
John D'Agostino - 232,000

Omaha/Stud, 5th - Pinchot

Event #19, Buy In: $350 + $50

Fran Pinchot (Atlantic City, NJ)
5th Place - $2,872

Fran Pinchot doesn't take losing well, "I don't care what I had, I lost," he rants. "I play to win. I had a pair and lost."

After some coaxing Pinchot reconstructs the hand against Allen Kessler and laments that his split jacks in the stud round is beaten by Kessler's two queens.

"I know I'm behind, but do you think I could get lucky? He ends up with two pairs. Let's see how smart you are, what do you think he had," he continues. "He got the other two jacks. Why couldn't I get two pairs?"

Pinchot loses his last 63k on the final hand and collects $3,351 for finishing 5th, but won't be calm anytime soon. "Of course I'm disappointed. I'm here to win."


Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,000 + $125

Matt Glantz and Matt Stout battle
it out at the Featured Table.

Omaha/Stud, 6th - Lewis

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

Robert Lewis (Washington, D.C.)
6th Place - $2,393

Two events, two final tables for Robert Lewis, who finishes 6th in this mixed event. Lewis is busted in a 400k pot by Kim Findura who scoops both the high and low in the stud round.

Findura wins the low with 6 high, and takes the high hand with a pair of 4s vs Lewis' pair of 3s.

Lewis finished second to Chris Reslock in Pot Limit Omaha (Event #15).

Shrinking the Field

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,000 + $125

29 players remaining

Recent Bustouts:
30th - James Omealia
31st - Joanne Monteavaro
32nd - Carmine Desena
33rd - Eric Blair
34th - Ilias Barkoutsis
35th - Philip Neiman
36th - Natale Kuey

From the Field

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

42 players remaining
Avg. Stack: $161,428
Blinds @ 2,000/4,000/400a

Chip Leaders:
Jesse Yaginuma - 332,000
Michael Buttacavoli - 293,000
Phil Collins - 291,000
Matthew Glantz - 265,000

Still Alive:
John D'Agostino
Chris Bell
Adam Lippert
Matt Brady
Mike "lil Man" Sica
Matt Stout

Omaha/Stud, 7th - Reslock

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

Ming "Joy" Reslock (Atlantic City, NJ) 7th Place - $1,915

Ming Reslock starts the day as one of the short stacks and is crippled on the 5th hand during Saturday's play and never recovers. She's almost to the felt, rallies, but comes up short to finish in 8th place.

The key hand for Reslock is when she and Anthony DeAngelo both flop trip 7s during the Omaha round, with Reslock holding the better ace kicker. The turn gives DeAngelo a full house and the short stack doubles-up, while Reslock's left with only 3,500 chips.

Omaha/Stud, 8th - Jamison

Event #19
Buy In: $350 + $50

All In The Family

Ray Jamison (Phoenixville, PA)
8th Place - $1,436

At Friday's start of the Omaha/Stud, Eight or better tournament Ray Jamison and his daughter Pam came to the front podium asking for a seat change as they were assigned the same table to start the tournament. Saturday afternoon they returned to the front of the room to process Ray's 8th place finish.

"I'm really pleased," says Jamison, who takes home $1,436, "especially since I was nursing three thousand chips around 8 o'clock last night." Jamison says he won three straight Omaha hands after that and was able to sustain the momentum into the money.

Unfortnately there's no father-daughter tandem at the final table, as Pam was eliminated with 45 players remaining. And when asked who's the better player in the family, they both quickly say, "Greg."

Greg Jamison finished second in the 2008 WSOP Omaha H/L Split 8B after losing heads up to David Benyamine.

Ray Jamison's Borgata tournament ends when Robert Lewis goes runner, runner for trip threes during the stud round.

Pam Jamison Watching Father Ray at the Final Table

Good Luck Coach

Event #19 - Omaha/ Stud 8B
Buy-In: $350 + $50

Fran Pinchotha has gone from the hardwood to the felt. The former Trenton Central High School Basketball Coach comes into the day as the Chipleader, good luck Coach.

Getting Started

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Poker pros, John D'Agostino, Matt Glantz and Nick Binger wait
for Day 2 action to begin.

62 players remaining, play starts at 2pm.

Not so Bore-ing

Poker Player and TV Host, Liv Boree, will debut at Borgata
for Event #20 - NLHE Championship Event.

Good luck to the former model turned poker pro.


Today's Events

10AM: Event 45 - $175 + $25 Championship Event Qualifier
  • 8,000 in starting chips
  • 20 minute Levels
  • approximately 1 in 20 win entry into Borgata Winter Open Championship Event
1PM: Event 46 - $700 + $50 Championship Event Qualifier
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 40 minute Levels
  • approximately 1 in 5 win entry into Borgata Winter Open Championship Event
4PM: Event 47 - $350 + $40 Championship Event Qualifier
  • 8,000 in starting chips
  • 25 minute Levels
  • approximately 1 in 10 win entry into Borgata Winter Open Championship Event
7PM: Event 48 - $500 + $50 Championship Event Qualifier
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 30 minute Levels
  • approximately 1 in 7 win entry into Borgata Winter Open Championship Event

Down for the Count

Back for more poker action tomorrow, Goodnight Borgata...

Done for the Night

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Day 1 play has ended for the night,
Day 2 play resumes at 2pm tomorrow.

Number of Entrants:339
Players Remaining:60
Avg. Stack: $113,000

Day 1 Chip-Leaders:

Michael Shusho - 291,800
Tom Livia - 265,900
Anthony Zinno - 264,700
Jesse Yuginuma - 234,500
Philip Lowery - 226,200

Mixed Game Final Table

Event #19 - Omaha/Stud 8B
Buy-In: $350 + $50

The remaining 8 players will continue tommorow at 2pm.

The Final Table:

Fran Pinchot - 282,000
"Chainsaw" Kessler - 265,000
Kim Findura - 160,500
Robert Lewis - 131,000
Raymond Jamison - 108,500
Tina Carter - 102,000
"Joy" Reslock - 48,000
Tony DeAngelo - 34,500

Recent Bustouts:

9th - Ahmad Gharahi
10th - Antonio Walker
11th - Neal Levin
12th - Julian Heinrich
13th - Robert Toft
14th - Greg Joslyn
15th - Brandon Paster
16th - Motin Esen
17th - Robert Renner
18th - Allyn Marshall

Final Table Bubble

Event #19 - Omaha/Stud 8
Buy-In: $350 + $50

11 players remaining

Kim Findura - 202,000
Fran Pinchot - 187,000
"Chainsaw" Kessler - 157,000
"Joy" Reslock - 81,000

Ming "Joy" Reslock

Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler

Down the Stretch

Event #18- NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

Back from Break in 4 minutes, 42 seconds.

Event #18 - NLHE

All players currently on a 15 minute break.

89 players remaining

Michael "MadDog" Shasho - 261,000
Shawn Busse - 221,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 190,000

Down the Stretch

Event #18 - NLHE
Buy-In: $1,500 + $125

88 players remaining
Avg. Stack - $71,045

Matt Glantz - 150,000
Matt Brady - 130,000
Matt Stout - 128,000
Nick Binger - 112,000
John D'Agostino - 108,000
Micah Raskin - 95,000
Joe Cutler - 88,000
Chris Bell - 64,000
Mike "Lil Man" Sica - 62,000
John Racener - 19,000

Event #19 Update

Event #19: $350+$50 Omaha-8/Stud-8

David March told us that he was the bubble boy, having run into kings and queens. The remaining 18 players are now in the money.