Thursday, January 28, 2010

Late-Night Arrival

Tournament veteran and professional min-casher Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler is in the building, welcome to Borgata.


Killing Time, Playing Props...

Poker phenoms, Matt Stout and Jason Mercier

Event 17 Update

Event #17, NL
Buy In: $300 + $50

We're down to 39 players in the $300 No Limit event. Since 36 pay, we're really close to the bubble and hand for hand play. The average chip stack has 89,743.

HU Winner's Bracket


Freddie Najafabadi def. Thomas Fuller


Thomas Fuller def. Bob Lauria
Freddie Najafabadi def. Jason Lufkin


Jason Lufkin def. Jesse Yaginuma
Freddie def. Jeff Madsen
Bob Lauria def. Phil Neiman
Thomas Fuller def Diakokomninos

Third Round

Freddie Najafabadi def. Adam Gerber
Jeff Madsen def. Michael Phelps
Thomas Fuller def. Robert Wisiak
Phil Neiman def. Bill Blanda
Jason Lufkin def. John Leonard
Bob Lauria def. Gregory Brooks
Busquet def Jesse Yaginuma
Basilios Diakokomninos def. Feming Chan

The Champ

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Alex Lindh and Ying Pofuk get it all in.

Alex: Jd-Jh
Ying: Qs-10h

Board: 5d-6c-3s-6s-5s

Ying is shortstacked, then on the next hand:

Alex: 9h-8h
Ying: Ac-7c

Board: Jc-Jd-5d-6d-7d

The running straight ends Ying's day.

Alex wins $39,144, the trophy and the event #14 title.


Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Ying Pofuk takes 2nd place for $25,848

When the Wall Falls

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

3rd Place Finisher Mike Walls wins $14,058

Three Left

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Christoph Galvin runs into pocket Aces to end his day in 4th place. The part-time poker player will take home $12,244 for his efforts, nice run Chris.

So Long Steve

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee
Buy-In: $170 + $30

5th Place: Steven Goodemote wins $10,430

Blinds Up

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

The break has come and gone, and blinds are now 50,000 / 100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Bye Bye Ben

Event #14 - NLHE $100k Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Benjamin Ludwig played two solid days of poker before losing a huge coinflip for his tournament life. His AQ bricked everything versus the pocket 7's of chipleader Alex Lindh. Ludwig earns $8,616 for his 6th place finish, congrats Ben.

Todd on Tilt

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Todd Robello entered the final table as the favorite, but fell short busting in 7th place. The Borgata regular and tournament veteran earns $6,802 for his efforts.

Newman Nixed

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Terence Newman runs the first "stone cold cooler" of the final table when his pokcet Jacks run into pocket Aces.

Newman wins $4,988 for his 8th place finish.

Gelfen Gone

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

"9th is alright, but you can always do better," says Anthony Gelfen.

The Maryland resident made a good showing before busting with KJ versus A5. Gelfen will collect $3,628 for his 9th place exit.

Gorilla Caged

Event #14 - NLHE $100k Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

Our favorite poker Dad, Anthony Shurilla, jammed A-6 and his short stack into the A-J of Mike Walls to end his run in Event #14. Gorilla Shurilla Sr. will collect $2,358 in prize money, well played sir.

Final Table

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1. Alex Lindh (Goshen, NY) 945k
2. Ben Ludwig (Schwenskville, PA) 1.4 million
3. Steve Goodemote (Canadaigua, NY) 1.9 million
4. Yink Pofuk (China) 2.2 million
5. Todd Rebello (Oak Bluffs, MA) 1.2 million
6. Anthony Gelfen (Reisterstown, MD) 650k
7. Chris Galvin (Manville, NJ) 945k
8. Tony Shurilla (Lower Longswamp Twp., PA) 700k
9. Terence Beamon (Flushing, NY) 330k
10. Mike Walls (Newark, DE) 700k

Blinds 30k/60/5k ante
Avg. stack 1.1 million

Final Table Set

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Rosa Lee Klaneski's last 580k goes all in with 4-7 and is beaten by Ben Ludwig (Schwenksville, PA) and his 9-9.

Klaneski gets $2,358 for 10th place.

The final 10 players are drawing new seats for the final table.

1st Hand Back

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Thomas Taylor 10-10 vs Ying Pofuk A-A
Flop 10-x-x
Turn x
River A

Pofuk's set of aces knocks Taylor out in 11th place, good for $2,358.

Dinner Time

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

The remaining 12 players are on a 1 hour dinner break. The average stack is 900,000.

When play resumes, blinds are 30k/60k with a 5k ante.

Chris Reslock Wins!

Chris Reslock Wins!

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Chris Reslock wins $9,370, the Event #15 title and the engraved crystal trophy. Congratulations!

Robert Lewis Eliminated in 2nd ($5,087)

Robert Lewis

Chris Reslock raised and Robert Lewis re-raised all in. Chris called.

Robert: 8 A 4 9
Chris: 10 4 7 A

Board: 7 4 K 8 3

Robert is eliminated.

Big Hand

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Steven Goodemonte (Canadaigua, NY) has A Q vs Ryan Pollack (Brooklyn, NY) and A 9 . The board is clean and Pollack's eliminated in 16th place good for $1,088.

Goodemonte's up to 1.8 million on table 1, while Ying Pofuk has 1.5 on table 2. 12 players remain with 6 at each table.


16th Ryan Pollack (Brooklyn, NY) $1,088
15th Jeffrey Rantz (Salisbury, MD) $1,723
14th Marc Russo (Holbrook, NY) $1,723
13th Dwayne Sullivan (Fredricksburg, VA) $1,723

Norik Rizaj Eliminated in 3rd ($3,213)

Norik Risaj

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Norik Rizaj and Chris Reslock get it all in preflop.

Norik: 6 9 J 2
Chris: Q Q 5 3

Board: 4 5 K 8 8

Norik is eliminated.

HU Winner's Bracket


Bob Lauria def. Phil Neiman
Jason Lufkin def. Jesse Yaginuma

Third Round

Jason Lufkin def John Leonard
Farzad Najafabadi def. Adam Gerber
Jeff Madsen def. Michael Phelps
Thomas Fuller def. Wisiak
Phil Neiman def. Bill Blanda
Jesse Yaginuma def. Olivier Busquet
Bob Lauria def. Gregory Brooks
Tomislav Dobrilovic def. Rober Wisiak


Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

16th Ryan Pollack (Brooklyn, NY)
17th Frank Parente (West Wyoming, PA)
18th Syed Habib (Bronx, NY)

Pappa Gorilla doubles through Ying Pofuk when his 5-5 out flops Q-Q. The two outer doubles him to 400k, but doesn't damage Pofuk's 1.3 million stack.

Blinds are 20k/40k with a 4k ante.


Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Blinds are 6,000 / 12,000.

Three Break

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

The remaining three players in Event #15 are on a 10-minute break.

Lisa VanLandingham Eliminated in 4th ($2,409)

Lisa VanLandingham

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

In a four-way pot, the flop is 7 6 9. It's checked to Norik Rizaj who bets 30,000. Chris Reslock re-raises pot, which is 130,000. Lisa VanLandingham goes all in for 96,000. Robert Lewis folds and Norik folds.

Lisa: 9 8 J A
Chris: 2 Q 8 10

The turn and river are J 4 and Lisa is eliminated.

18 Redraw

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

18 players remain and they're selecting new seats at the final two tables.

The average stack is 600k.

Blinds are 15k/30k with a 4k ante.

Pappa G Doubles Up

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Tony Shurilla Gorilla doubles to 400k when his 10-10 is clean against K-Q.

The big stack is Ying Pofuk who's at 1.6 million

20 players remain with an average stack of 550k.

Blinds 12k/24/3k ante as level winds down.

HU Loser's Bracket

Charlie Hook def. Matt Stout (eliminated, 1-2)
Joanne Monteavro def. Jason Young (eliminated, 0-2)

HU - Third Round Winners

Jason Lufkin def. John Leonard
Jesse Yaginuma def. Olivier Busquet
Robert Lauria def. Brooks


Event #14: $170 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

There are now 21 players left in the re-entry event, so they'll be redrawing for two tables in mere minutes.

PLO Blinds Up

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

There are still four players left in this event, and blinds just went up to 5,000 / 10,000.

Cruising Along

Event #17, NL
Buy In: $300 + $50

With all the action in the Event Center here's a little love for the players in the center of the room. 349 players begin the day and they're already down to 142 with an average stack of 25k.

36 players cash, the top prize is more than $29,000. Notables still in the field: Chris Lindh (Goshen, NY) and super blogger Bradley Utz (Raliegh, NC).

Level 8 (400/800/75) is underway and will be the last one before dinner.

Arnold Kaplan Eliminated in 5th ($1,874)

Arnold Kaplan

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Twenty-Seven in the Re-Entry

Event #14: $170 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

We're down to 27 players on three tables in this event. Considering they restarted with eight tables less than three hours ago, it's moving pretty swiftly.

Christopher Galvin started the day second in chips and now has 1,400,000. He appears to be the chip leader.

Pot Limit Omaha is Back

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Blinds are 3,000 / 6,000. Five players remain.

HU: Smith Says Good-bye

Well known poker pro Gavin Smith is done in the heads up tournament after losing both matches he plays. Smith is sticking around Borgata and scheduled to play in the Championship Event, which starts Sunday.

Others two and out:
Damiano Coraci, Serban Cornicioiu, Will "The Thrill" Failla, Sirous Jamshidi, Eracles Panayiotou & Kenneth Smaron.

Break Time for Final Five

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

The remaining five players in Event #15 are on a 10-minute break.

Brandon Paster Eliminated in 6th ($1,606)

Brandon Paster

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

On a turn of A 2 10 7, Brandon Paster is all in and Lisa VanLandingham, at her second PLO final table this open, calls.

Brandon: 7105 8
Lisa: Q 5 Qd J

Brandon was left with 3,000 in chips. On the next hand, Norik Risaj and Chris Reslock limp in. Brandon is all in and Lisa checks.

They check down to a river of Q Q 5 3 9. Chris bets 9,000. Lisa folds and Norik calls.

Norik: 2 J 3 K
Chris: 10 5 4 10
Brandon: muck

Norik takes the whole pot and Brandon is eliminated.

Phelps Moving On

Heads Up Tournament

Golden Boy

Michael Phelps wins his second round match and is now up against Jeff Madsen.

Other second round winners: Adam Gerber, Bill Blanda, Phil Neiman & Robert Wisiak

HU - More 0-2, Eliminations

Matthew Casterella, Darren Elias, Sholom Lipszyc, Jason Mercier, Michael Millikin, Patrick White, Matthew Widdoes

HU More 2-0 Winners

Fleming Chan, John Leonard, Farzad Najafabadi, Jesse Yaginuma

Joseph Scianna Eliminated in 7th ($1,339)

Joseph Scianna

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Event #15 Update

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Norik Risaj and Brandon Paster, the two short stacks in Event #15, just doubled up in consecutive hands. They're not history yet!

Event #14 Update

Event #14: $170 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The remaining 39 players in Event #14 just returned from break. Blinds are 8,000 / 16,000 with a 2,000 ante, and they're playing all the way down to a single winner tonight.

New Chip Leader

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Jacks on the Flop

In the biggest hand so far in the tournament, Ashok Muniganti (Owings Mills, MD) goes all in dark on a board of K-J-4 and the turn is a 3.

Ashlee Ford (New York, NY) tanks and calls her last 150k and tables Q-10, drawing to an open ended straight draw vs Muniganti's J-J for a set of jacks. The river bricks and Muniganti scoops a 600k pot and is one of the chip leaders with 850k.

"I knew I was behind," says Ford who takes home $580,"but I haven't hit anything all tournament and thought I was due."

Rosa Lee Klaneski (Farmington, CT) begins the day as chip leader and has given some of her 475k back. Tony Shurilla Gorilla (Lower Longwsamp Twp, PA) begins the day 4th in chips and is hovering just above his starting stack of 384k.

39 players remain with average stack of 282k as cub reporter Aaron Teeter (Cohoes, NY) is eliminated by runner, runner. He was the last player standing from the Albany Poker League.

Players are just back from break as blinds are up to 8k/16k/2k ante. The average stack is 282k.

Shawn Bixler Eliminated in 8th ($1,071)

Shawn Bixler

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Shawn Bixler and Chris Reslock got it all in preflop.

Shawn: As 7c 7s 6s
Chris: Ac Kc 8h 6h

Board: 2d 9h Qc 4d Ks

Shawn was eliminated.

Back from Break

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

A ten-minute break in the Pot Limit Omaha has come and gone, and we're back. Levels are 40 minutes long and blinds are at 2,000 / 4,000. Robert Lewis missed the first hand or two following the break. The bathroom is a long way away, so it's understandable.

HU - Busquet Advances

Olivier Busquet hits a two outer to drop Charlie Hook into the losers bracket. Hook 4 bet shoves with J-J and Busquet calls with 10-10 and spikes a 10 for a set and the win.

"He's one of the best players in the world," says Hook, the Borgata Summer Open Heads Up Champion. "He hit a two outer and sometimes that happens."

In arguably the toughest pod of the bracket Busquet takes on Jesse Yaginuma, who won the Borgata Heads Up title in September.

HU - Second Round Winners

Thomas Fuller, Jason Lufkin & Jesse Yaginuma

Robert Sheen Eliminated in 9th ($803)

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

We lost a player very quickly, and now we're down to eight.

The Final PLO Nine

Event #15: $300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha

Here are the final nine participants in Event #15.

1. Brandon paster 187,500
2. Lisa Vanlandingham 26,000
3. Joseph Scianna 35,500
4. Robert Lewis 176,000
5. Arnold Kaplan 116,500
6. Norik Risaj 19,000
7. Robert Sheen 33,000
8. Shawn Bixler 37,000
9. Chris Reslock 149,000

Out of these, Chris Reslock, is the most well known, with a win in the Pot Limit Omaha event here last September, a pair of No Limit wins at the Trump Classic in '08, a WSOP Circuit win, and a WSOP Stud bracelet in 2007, among numerous other wins.

It's also been pointed out to me that three of the final tablists at this event also made the final table at the other Pot Limit Omaha event, Event #3, last week!

HU Hook vs Busquet Underway

Olivier Busquet
On-line heads up sit & go specialist

Charlie Hook
On-line Heads Up Cash Game Specialist

Off & Running

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

72 players return as the field is after the $39,144 top prize.

Event #15, PLO
$300 + $50

Final 9 players are back. The top prize is $9,370.

HU: 2 Move On & 1 Done For The Day

While it takes Mike Leah 2 1/2 hours to win his first round match, Gregory Brooks, Robert Lauria and Jason Lufkin are already 2 and oh and into the third round.

One player, Chris Bell is 0-2 and out of the tournament.

Michael Binger loses his first match, his brother Nick is a first round winner.

HU - More Winners

N. Binger, Fox, Najafabadi, Neiman, Fuller, Gross & Wisiak.

HU Epic Round 2 Match

All eyes will be on the second round match between Charlie Hook, 2009 Summer Open Heads Up Champion and Olivia Busquet, the 2009 Poker Open Champion. Busquet is an on-line heads up specialist who overcame a 14 to 1 chip disadvantage during heads up play to win the WPT title in September.

Hook, who also has a ton of on-line experience says, "this maybe the toughest match I've ever played."

Other first round winners: Blair, Blanda, Vance, Leonard, Racener & Lufkin

Round 2 starts at 1 pm.

Early Numbers

Event #17, NL
Buy In: $300 + $50

345 players as Level (50/100) complete. Players are on a 10 minute break.

HU - Phelps Moves On

14 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is into the second round of the heads up tournament with forfeit when his opponent didn't show.

Also winning: Chan, Lauria, Waxman & Madsen.

Familiar Face

Event #16, Heads-Up ($2000 +$150)
NL, Double Elimination

Going Heads Up with Gavin

First round matches continue as Gavin Smith, Mike Leah, Dave Fox and September's HU champion Jesse Yaginuma are all in the field. First alternate Charlie Hook, the Summer Open HU champ has also secured a seat after a no-show.

Buzz In The Room

Event #16, Heads-Up
Event #17, NL ($300 + $50)


The field of 64 is set and heads-up play is underway in the double elimination formation. We'll keep you posted on the first round matches. The cards also in the air for Event #17.

With the final table of PLO and the 72 players from the 100k guarantee returning at 2 pm. It's another busy day at the Event Center.

Turn out the Lights

Play has ended for the day, the poker action
continues tomorrow from Borgata...

Chip Leader

Event #14, NL $100k Guarantee
Buy-In: $170 +$30 (Re-entry)

Coming Up "Rosa-s"

After more than 14 hours of play Rosa Lee Klaneski is the chip leader with 475k. "It's funny I couldn't get anything during the ladies event," Klaneski says, "but today I got a lot of great cards."

The power table with 72 players remaining featured three of the biggest stacks in the room: Chris Galvin 442k (2nd), Todd Rebello 409k (3rd) and Eric Doerr 350k (5th).

Over at table one is the original Gorilla, Tony Shurilla who's 4th with 384k.

Official chip counts will be posted later Thursday morning, but the average stack is 153k.

The tournament resumes at 2 pm, as the field plays for the top prize of $39,144.

Got Chips?

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry
Buy-In: $170 + $30

With only 76 players remaining,
here's the Chipleaders after Day 1:

Rosa Lee Klaneski - 475,000
Chris Galvin - 442,000
Todd Robello - 409,000
Gorilla Shurilla Sr. - 384,000
Eric Doerr- 348,000
Tery Beaman - 332,000

Final 9

Event #15 - PLO
Buy-In: $300 + $50

Players will return tommorow at 2pm.

The Final Table

Brandon Paster - 187,500
Robert Lewis - 176,000
Chris Reslock - 149,000
Arnold Kaplan - 116,500
Shawn Bixler - 37,000
Joe Scianna - 35,500
Rob Sheen - 33,000
Lisa VanLandingham - 26,000
Norik "dubhead" Rizaj - 19,000

Always a Sweat

Late-Night Birds on the Rail...

PLO Payouts

Event #15
$300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha - High
Entries: 92
Total Buy-In $27,600

Place - Amount
1. $9370
2. $5087
3. $3,213
4. $2,409
5. $1,874
6. $1,606
7. $1,339
8. $1,071
9. $803

Event #14 - NLHE $100K Guarantee/Re-Entry

Congratulations Players, you're in the Money!

All 100 remaining players will receive prize money.

Prize Pool

Event #14
$170 + $30 NL (Re-Entry)
Entries: 1,100
Total Buy-In: $187,000

1. $39,144
2. $25,848
3. $14,058
4. $12,244
5. $10,430
6. $8,616
7. $6,802
8. $4,988
9. $3,628
13-15 $1,723
16-18 $1,088
19-27 $816
28-36 $689
37-45 $580
46-54 $508
55-63 $453
64-72 $399
73-81 $363
82-90 $327
91-100 $291