Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Next Borgata Champion?

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
Buy-In: $500 + $60

Number of Entrants: 727
Players remaining: 7


Huge Hand Breaks Bubble

Event #12 NL, 6 Max (Re-entry)
Buy-In $400 + $50

Taylor Shpur (Witherbee, NY) makes a gutsy call on the turn, holding 7 3 , and takes down a 300k pot to take the chip lead and break the money bubble.

The flop is 7-3-2, Shpur checks from the SB, BB bets, Shpur flats. The turn is a brick and all the money gets in. The BB turns over 7 2 for a smaller two pairs and doesn't catch up on the river.

The elimination breaks the bubble and puts the remaining 18 players into the money, with 16-18 collecting $1,141.

Players are redrawing seats and set to play down to 12 tonight.

8th Place

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
Buy-In: $500 + 60

David Hom - 8th Place Finisher
Collects $9,697 in Prize Money

Inching Towards the Cash

Event #13, NL Seniors
Buy-In: $350 + $50

Robert Santilli (Jackson, NJ) gets the field closer to the money when he calls a 19k all-in bet with A Q ♠ vs 10 10 . The classic race ends with a queen in the window, as Santilli sends the 10s to the rail.

35 players remain with 27 making the money.

Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300 ante) continues.

Bubble Time

Event #19 NL 6 Max (Re-entry)
Buy-In: $400 + $50

19 players remain with 18 getting paid. Play is now hand for hand.

The lone remaining woman, Joanne Dorin (New York, NY) and Jamie Kerstetter (Monroe Twp., NJ) are at the same table and both have healthy stacks.

9th Place

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

9th Place Finisher - Matthew Kleckner
Prize Money: $7,052

10th Place

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

The coaching from poker mentor, Gordon Eng, helped rising poker star James "Smile" Chin earn $4,584 and his first Borgata Final Table. Chin's run ended when his pocket 10's ran into pocket Kings.

Deep Stack Final Table

Event #10 - NLHE (DeepStack)

The Final Table
Seat 1 - Barry Wiedemann
Seat 2 - Matthew Kleckner
Seat 3 - Matthew Silberzweig
Seat 4 - David Hom
Seat 5 - Tony Hill
Seat 6 - Angelo Pistone
Seat 7 - Joe Wertz
Seat 8 - "Smiley" Chin
Seat 9 - Ryan Miller
Seat 10 - Joe Cutler

Dodging Bullets

Event #12, 6 Handed (Re-entry)
Buy-in $400 + $50

So Far-zad, So good

Josh Paul (New York, NY) and Farzad Rouhani (Germantown, MD) both dodge bullets, but it's Rouhani who's the big stack at 260k.

Paul opens the betting with Q-Q, Rouhani raises with 10-10 and a third player shoves with A-A. Paul gets out of the way and Rouhani calls, only to see he's dominated.

The flop is Q-J-3 and would've given Paul a set, while a 10 hits the turn to send the aces packing.

Level 13 (1,200/1,400/300 ante) underway.

Final Table Bubble

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Freenlance journalist and semi-pro poker player, James Romoser, played two solid days of poker before falling just short of the Final Table. Romoser will take home $4,584 in prize money for his efforts.

Event Updates

Event #12 (6 Max Re-entry) and #13 (Seniors) are both on Level 12 (1k/2k/300 ante)

Remaining players:

6 Max: 25 (78k avg.)
Seniors: 44 (59k avg.)

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

12th - Donald Brown ($4,584)

"I always take my beats like a gentleman, that's poker," said the mild-mannered Donald Brown after his 12th place exit.

Players are now "hand for hand" on the Final Table Bubble.

Deep Stack, Thin Field

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Recent Bustouts:

13th - James Treadway ($3,350)
14th - Elliot Zaydman ($3,350)
15th - Claude Albert ($3,350)
16th - Jay Angle ($2,116)

Deep Stack nears the Final Table

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
Buy-In $500 + $60

16 players remaining
Avg. Stack: $1,300,000

Recent Bustouts:
17th - Floyd Overton, Jr. ($2,116)
18th - Shaun R. Hartlin ($2,116)
19th - Benjamin Schoolsky ($1,587)
20th - Jason Warriner ($1,587)
21st - Ryan Arnold ($1,587)
22nd - Christian Fyke ($1,587)
23rd - Brian Dolack ($1,587)

Event #10 DS: Redraw

The deepstack event redrew just a little bit ago for two tables, and they're now down to 18 players.

Event #13 Seniors: Chipleader

The unofficial chip leader in the Seniors event is Tony DiSimone (Manalapan, NJ). He's got 170,000 after picking up a huge pot with A-A versus the K-K of Mike Collins (Bayville, NJ). Mike got knocked down to 50,000 on that hand but managed to battle back to 75,000.

There are 52 players remaining and the average stack is 50,000. They're on level 11, with blinds of 800 / 1,600 and an ante of 200.

Event #12 6RE: Unofficial Chipleader

Jody Garaventa (Raleigh, NC) says he has 155,000 in chips.

There are 29 players remaining and the average stack is 68,000. Blinds just went up to 800 / 1,600 with a 200 ante. It appears likely they will hit the 18 player cutoff before 2 a.m., and the staff may decide to play on to a final table like the limit event did. In fact, we've heard that they'll be stopping at 12 - two tables of six.

Event #10 DS: Nineteen Left

Jason Warriner just told us he ran deuces into A-K and lost the flip, busting in 20th place. They're just about to go to two tables.

Event #13, Seniors: Payouts

$350 + $50 NL
Entries: 261
Total Buy-In: $91,350

1 $26,583
2 $15,064
3 $8,285
4 $6,203
5 $5,317
6 $4,430
7 $3,544
8 $2,658
9 $1,772
13-15 $975
16-18 $797
19-27 $665

Deep Stack Chipleaders

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
Buy-In: $500 + 60

Current Chipleaders:

Barry Wiedemann - $3,100,000
Matt Kleckner - $1,600,000
James Romoser - $1,100,000
Joseph Wertz - $973,000
Jay Angle - $908,000

Event #12, 6 Handed Re-entry: Payouts

$400 + $50 NL
Entries: 196
Total Buy-In: $78,400


1 $23,422
2 $12,928
3 $7,225
4 $5,323
5 $4,563
6 $3,802
7 $3,042
8 $2,281
9 $1,711
10-12 $1,483
13-15 $1,293
16-18 $1,141

Event #10 DS: Status Report

There are 22 left in Event #10. At 18 players they'll redraw to two tables. The best-known player left is Joe Cutler, who has an average stack of 845,000.

3 Tables Left

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
Buy-In: $500 + $60

Recent Bustouts:

24th - Steven Buckner ($1,587)
25th - Michael Lewis ($1,587)
26th - Jerry Sales ($1,587)
27th - Gerard Kane ($1,587)
28th - Feming Chan ($1,340)
29th - Thomas Martucci ($1,340)
3oth - Michael Wilson ($1,340)
31st - Jseph Johanssy ($1,340)
32nd - Robert Fikac ($1,340)
33rd - Josh Teitelbaum ($1,340)
34th - Anthony Stefano ($1,340)
35th - Nancy Martin ($1,340)
36th - Raphael Tal ($1,340)
37th - James Sita ($1,128)
38th - Anthony Mezzadonna ($1,128)
39th - Martin Hemsley ($1,128)
40th - Abraham Mevorah ($1,128)
41st - Mark Downing ($1,128)
42nd - Andrew Dakoski ($1,128)

We're Back

Event #12 & #13 are back from dinner, and Event #10 will be back in just a few minutes.

Event #12, 6 Handed Re-entry: Playing Hooky?

Mystery Man

As the 6 max resumes play, it's clear a player at Table 7 is one of the chip leaders, but is leery of giving his name. "It's bad luck, just call me Alan 'G'."

After further prodding it seems Mr. G. might be playing hooky from work and may have some explaining to do if he can parlay his 143k stack into a title.

Level 9 continues (500/1k/100 ante).

Dinner Break

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

All players currently on Dinner Break.
Play will continue in 1 hour.

Event #13, Seniors: Dinner Break

$350 + 50 entry

Entries: 261
Total Buy-in: $91,350
Top Prize: $26,583
Places Paid: 27
Players Remaining: 78
Average Stack: 33k
Play Resumes: 7:55 pm
Level: 9 (5/1k/100 ante)

Event #12, 6 Handed Re-entry: Dinner Break

$400 + 50 NL

Entries: 196
Total Buy-in: $78,400
Top Prize: $23,422
Places Paid: 18
Players Remaining: 44
Average Stack: 45k
Play Resumes: 7:20 pm
Level: 9 (5/1k/100 ante)

Event #11 Limit: Ahmed Mohamad Wins!

Ahmed Mohamad

Ahmed is known as a high-stakes limit cash game specialist all over Atlantic City. He wins the engraved trophy, the Event #11 title and $8,543. Congratulations!

Event #11 Limit: Mike Henry Eliminated in 2nd ($4,589)

Mike Henry

Under the Lights

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)
"The Featured Table"

Event #11: Still Heads Up

Ahmed Mohamad leads Mike Henry by only 3:1. It was 4:1 at one point and it looked like Mike might be done, but he doubled up at a crucial moment. Stay tuned!

The Field Shrinks

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Recent Bustouts:
43rd - Allyn Marshall ($1,128)
44th - Jason Young ($1,128)
45th - Henry Doiban ($1,128)
46th - Greg Thorson ($987)
47th - Neal Liptak ($987)
48th - John Koliner ($987)
49th - Richard Petrancuri ($987)
50th - Peter Moffat ($987)
51st - Thomas Reinhart ($987)
52nd - Eric Siegel ($987)

Event #11 Limit: Jack Kaplan Eliminated in 3rd ($2,898)

Jack Kaplan

On a flop of 8h 9d Kc, Ahmed Mohamad checks and Jack Kaplan bets. Ahmed calls.

The turn is 8s and Ahmed bets. Jack raises nearly all in. Ahmed calls.

The river is 7h and Ahmed bets and Jack calls all in.

Ahmed: Jd 10h
Jack: mucks

Jack is busted. We are now heads up between Ahmed Mohamad and Mike Henry.

Event #11 Limit: Bob Capanna Eliminated in 4th ($2,174)

Bob Capanna

Jack Kaplan limps in and Bob Capanna raises, nearly all in (3,000 behind). Mike Henry calls and Jack calls.

The flop is 9 5 Jand Jack checks. Bob goes all in and both call. They check the turn and river of 7 4.

Bob: 6 6
Mike: 77
Jack: A 6

Mike takes the whole pot and Bob is eliminated.

In the Money

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

The following players will take home $917 in prizemoney:

55th - John Earlin
56th - William Epperson
57th - Steven Goodemote
58th - Mark Ciccone
59th - Kin_Yarn Lee
60th - Jason Flad
61st - Pofuk Ying
62nd - Mark Whitehurst
63rd - Mark Salinaro

Event #13: Seniors Moment

There's no truth to the rumor that the 50+ crowd was disappointed that their dinner break wasn't at 4 pm so they could catch the early bird special. This one of the many jokes flying around the seniors' tables, including that players received an AARP application upon registration.

Frank Allen (Lake Hopatcong, NJ) has one of the larger stacks with 70k, "don't worry we all took our Geritol this morning," he jokes.

Other quotes from the "old-timers."

Dan Hinkle (Fairfax, VA): "We watched Cocoon, so we're good."

Patti Pearson (Manchester, NJ) "I've bothered these guys enough, now I'm starting to bother myself. But, hey I'm an organ donor."

Robert Santilli (Jackson, NJ): "Yeah, she's the only living brain donor."

Rob Ceglio (Long Island, NY): "That's okay, I'm a chip donor."

Level 7 (300/600/75 ante) continues.

Event #11 Limit: Back

Blinds are 4,000 / 8,000. Four players are left.

Event #12, 6 Handed Re-Entry: Update

Less than 70 players remain in the 6 max and Jean-Philippe Piquette (Laval, Quebec) has one of the bigger stacks with 93k. "I was lucky early on, " says Piquette, who has several Borgata cashes, including a third place PLO finish in September.

Piquette was the winner of a 35k pot when his K-K holds up against three other all-in bets on the last hand before players could re-enter the tournament.

Level 7 (300/600/75 ante) continues.

In the Money

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

The following players will take home $881 in prizemoney:

64th - Ray Shackelford
65th - Joesph Tozzi
66th - Albert Hoffman
67th - Lawrence Paden
68th - Richard Mauro
69th - Jeffrey Charles
70th - Frank Cieri
71st - Francis Lubas III
72nd - Josh Lawson

Event #11: Break

The remaining four players in Event #11 are on a 10-minute break.

Event #11 Limit: Brian Nichols Eliminated in 5th ($1,691)

Brian Nichols

Event #11 Limit: Louis Marmo Eliminated in 6th ($1,449)

Louis Marmo

Event #11 Limit: Frank Smith Eliminated in 7th ($1,208)

Frank Smith

Frank Smith raises and Bob Capanna calls.

The flop is 7 10 A and Frank checks. Bob bets and Frank calls.

The turn is 4 and Frank checks. Bob bets and Frank goes into the tank. "Sorry, guys," he say after awhile. "Take your time," says the table. "It's been nice playing with you all," he says as he puts the rest of his chips in.

Frank: K Q
Bob: A10

The river blanks out and Frank is eliminated.

Event #13, Seniors: Big Daddy Poker

Bill Blanda (Galveston, TX) is known as "Big Daddy" and he's taking psychological warfare to a new level with a not so subtle custom line of lightweight jackets. The logo features the Tasmanian Devil, Blanda's recent nickname, and clever sayings like, "Dead Money Welcome."

"My wife decided to have some fun and create a couple of different versions," says Blanda, who's won multiple titles at Borgata, including at the 2008 Winter Open. "It's something different and if it gives me a slight edge, I'll take it."

In Tuesday's Seniors Event Blanda's wearing, "Do these ACES make my ASS look big?"

Other clever quips include: "Constant Pressure," and "You check, I bet. You bet, I raise. You raise, I shove."

Blanda recently doubled to 50k when his Q-Q outdraws K-K.

Other players enjoy the humor and Blanda says the jackets are great conversation starters.

Level 6 (200/400/50 ante) winding down.

Big Stack

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Players left: 59
Avg. Stack: $293,145

Matthew Silberzweig (Long Island, NY) picked up some big hands and found himself in the Chip Lead with only 6 tables left.

"I've been lucky, just got hit with the deck," says the equity trader from the Big Apple.

Event #12, 6 Handed Re-Entry: Redemption

Mermelstein In for a Second Time

Several players have taken advantage of the 6 max and re-entered the tournament after busting out. The opportunity for redemption comes in varying perspectives.

Random Quotes about the format:

David Laufer (Brooklyn, NY) "I was about to (re-enter), but I hit my flush."

Joanne Dorin (New York, NY) "I knew I wouldn't have to."

Will Jaffe (Bridgehampton, NY) "I planned on rebuying, but not as early as I did."

Dave Zeitlin (Brooklyn, NY) "I called super light because I knew I could re-enter."

John Phillips (Paramus, NJ) "Unintended after the second hand of the tournament (A-K loses to set of 3s).

Aaron Mermelstein (Philadelphia, PA) "I knew it was a loser, but I'd figure I'd take a shot." (5 players at the table 4 all in: K-K, Q-Q, 7-7 and Mermelstein's 9-9 on the last hand before re-entry closed)

Level 6 (200/400/50 ante) is underway.

Event #11 Limit: Double It

With blinds at 3,000 / 6,000, Mike Henry raises in the small blind. Louis Marmo calls from the big blind. The flop is Q 8 7 and Mike bets. Louis calls. The turn is 5 and Mike puts the last of his chips in. Louis calls.

Mike: A A
Louis: 10 8

The river is 9 and the aces hold up. Mike doubles through.

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

To: The Friends of Angelo
Re: The text messages are true, the beats have gone from bad to worse.

Angelo Pistone (Long Island, NY) continues to text all his boys sweating him from back home. Unfortunately, the texts are brutal beats Angelo keeps taking with huge hands.

The young grinder got all his money in three ways with pocket Aces. His opponents turned over pocket Kings and pocket Queens. The flop comes A/J/Q, the turn bricks, but the river brings an offsuit Ten to give pocket Kings a straight and the huge pot.

"Somebody here should play the lotto, this table is full of coolers."

All players currently on a 10-minute break.

Event #11 Limit: We are Back

Seven players yet remain in the Limit Hold'em event.

Like Mother, Like Son

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Nancy Martin (Washington Crossing, PA) must be getting poker lessons from her son, Michael Martin. Mom is the only woman left standing as the bubble breaks in Event #10. The real estate agent and full-time poker mom is looking for her first live Final Table.

Event #11 Limit: Slight Disagreement

At the end of a hand with the board reading 9 Q 10 K J, Ahmed Mohamad turns over 8 8. Louis Marmo is staring at the board while holding his still unturned hand, when another player mutters "Straight." Louis then turns over Q 7 for a chop. Ahmed is angry at the other player for saying something, as it appeared Louis might have been about to muck his hand (thinking that Ahmed had him beat). The argument goes on like this for awhile until we hit the 10 minute break.

Broken Bubble

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Greg Kolo became our "Bubble Boy" when his pocket Kings went down in flames. Kolo shipped his short stack on the J high flop, only to see his opponent had flopped top set. A nice showing, but tough way to bust on Day 2.

"I've been card dead for two days, i just couldn't fold a big hand there."


Don't miss today's last two events:

3pm - Championship Qualifier Satellite
7pm - 2nd Chance Cash

The beautiful Borgata Ballroom

Event #11 Limit: Ed Young Eliminated in 8th ($966)

Ed Young and Frank Smith cap the betting preflop. The flop is 3 Q K. Frank Smith puts the rest of his chips in, and so does Ed.

Frank: K 10
Ed: A A

The turn and river are 7 K and Ed is eliminated. He had doubled up just a bit ago with Aces, but they returned to exact their cruel revenge.

Event #13 - NLHE (Seniors)

Familiar Faces from the Seniors Event:

Bo Toft
Bill Blanda
Jack "The Snake" Deutsch

Event #11 Limit: Candace Verrastro Eliminated in 9th ($725)

Candace Verrastro

Ahmed Mohamed raises and Candace Verrastro calls all in.

Ahmed: Q J
Candance: 10 8

Board: 3 5 K J J

Candace is eliminated in the first money spot.

Capped Fields

Event #12 - NLHE (6-max)/Re-Entry
Official number of entrants: 196 players

Event #13 - NLHE (Seniors)
Official number of entrants: 260 players

Event #11 Limit: Ed Young Triples Up

Brian Nichols raises to 8,000 and Ed Young re-raises all in to 11,000. Ahmed Mohamad calls and Brian calls.

They check down the side pot with a board of Q 9 5 J 8. Ahmed shows A K and Ed shows A A. Brian mucks. Ed triples up.

Limit Event

Players have returned for the 2pm start,
the Day 2 Final Table is underway.

Event #11 - Limit Hold Em'
Buy-In: $300 + $50

Final Table
Seat 1 - Bob Capanna (95,000)
Seat 2 - Mike Henry (70,500)
Seat 3 - Louis Marmo (115,500)
Seat 4 - Ahmed Mohamed (93,000)
Seat 5 - Frank Smith (44,000)
Seat 6 - Candace Verrastro (32,500)
Seat 7 - Jack Kaplan (146,500)
Seat 8 - Brian Nichols (53,500)
Seat 9 - Ed Young (12,000)

Names from the Field

Event #12 - NLHE (6-max)/Re-Entry

Notables from the field:

Dave Fox
Josh Brikis
Eugene Castro
Mike Leah
Luis Nargentino

Borgata Ballroom - Video Clip

See what you're missing?
Bring your game to Borgata

January 26, 2010

Deep Stack - By the Numbers

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Number of Entries: 727
Players Remaining: 109

Prizepool: $363,500
1st prize: $89,876

Blinds @ 4,000/8,000/500a
Avg. Stack: $166,743

Notables still alive:
Steve Danneman
Feming Chan
Jason Young
Eric Seigel

Seniors Event

Event #13 - NLHE Seniors
Buy-In: $350 + $50

"The real men have come out to gamble" is overheard as the Seniors event gets underway.

The 40+ yr olds will battle it out for the coveted Winter Open trophy, good luck guys.

New Trend

Event #12 - NLHE (6-max)

Borgata delivers its second Re-Entry style tournament with Event #12. This 6-handed No Limit Event will allow players that bust to buy back into the tournament within the first 4 levels. Another perk for tournament players in this year's Winter Open.

The Event has just gotten underway as players continue to stumble into late registration, good luck to the field.

Back for the Deep Stack

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

The cards are in the air...Day 2 action has resumed.

Chipleaders coming into Day 2:

Kin Yarn Lee - $405,500
Nicholas Mendoza - $369,000
Allyn Marshall - $330, 000
Angelo Pistone - $322,500
Carlos Delafuente - $313,000

Get in Line

Player Registration outside the Borgata Ballroom.
The line continues to grow as players look to "Buy-In"
Borgata Winter Open 2010
Event 8 - $300 + $50 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
January 24-25 Entries:

261 Total Buy-In: $78,300


Misrad & Fatmir

Borgata tournament regular, Misrad Kovaci (Brooklyn, NY) didn't have to walk far to sweat his cousin, Fatmir, who's the dominant chipleader in the nightly 2nd Chance Cash.

Kovaci was forced to watch instead of play after his day ended in Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack). He flopped top two pair with AK, but couldn't fade the flush draw from his opponent's Tc9c. Kovaci brushes off the bad beat and looks to make a deep run in the Main Event.

Late-Night Final Table

Jason "Frogmaze" Leone continues to dominate Borgata's 2nd Chance Cash tournament.

"Take down this donkament Lepwned," can be heard from railbirds sweating the online grinder.

Day 1 Ends

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

After 14 long hours of play, Day 1 has officially ended.
Tournament players will return tommorow at Noon for Day 2.

Number of Entrants: 727
Players Remaining: 119
Prizepool: $363,500

Stay tuned to the Official Poker Blog for updated chip counts, upcoming events and all the LIVE poker action from Borgata...

Event #11, Limit: Final Table

Chip counts heading into Tuesday's final table which begins at 2pm.

1. Jack Kaplan (Lido Beach, NY) 146,500
2. Lou Mamo (Wingdale, NY) 115,500
3. Bob Capanna (Philadelphia, PA) 95,500
4. Ahmed Mohamed (Scotch Plains, NJ) 93,000
5. Mike Henry (Norwich, CT) 70,500
6. Brian Nichols (Egg Harbor Twp., NJ) 53,000
7. Candace Verrastro (Mount Pleasant, NJ) 32,500
8. Frank Smith (Bowie, MD) 24,000
9. Ed Young (Bronx, NY) 12,000

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Chips have been bagged and tagged as Day 1 comes to a close.

Unofficial Chipleaders:

Kin-Yarn Lee - $405,500
Nick Mendoza - $379,000
Pete Moffat - $368,000

Event #11, Limit: Final Table/Done For The Night

Kaplan Climbs to the Top

There's a big chip swing as the night's final elimination breaks the bubble and puts the final nine players in the money.

Jack Kaplan (Lido Beach, NY) wins a 100k pot to knock out one player and take the chip lead from Ahmed Mohamed (Scotch Plains, NJ), who's 7-7 is rivered by the A ♠ as Kaplan tables A Q ♠.

"I'm so glad we're done for the day," says
Mohamed who held the chip lead most of the day, but drops to the middle of the pack with 93k. "Because I'm on tilt right now."

For Kaplan it's a great way to start Tuesday the 26th, his birthday, especially when he was down to 700 chips earlier in the tournament. "It's so long ago I don't remember," he says when asked what his winning hand was. "But I know I quadrupled up and now I'm here," as he's up to 146k.

Players are bagging and tagging and set to return Tuesday at 2pm to play for the
$8,453 top prize.

Event #10, Deep Stack: "I'm Done"

On the way back to the media table I pass Mikey "Birthday Boy" Dentale who sums up his elimination in 15 seconds. K-K vs A-K, flop a set and lose to perfect, perfect as two aces hit the turn and river.

"I'm not even playing the main bro," he says with disgust as he loses his final 170k to the bigger full house. "That's it, I'm done."

And with that, Dentale is out the Event Center doors.

Statistically Dentale was a 96% favorite after the flop and there's a 99% chance he'll back for the Main Event.

Level 15 (2k/4k/400 ante) is winding down.

Winding Down

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

As Day 1 action comes to a close, The Borgata Poker Staff keeps the tournament players and media in check...well done Andrew.

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

Chip Stacks from the Field:

Nick Mendoza - $411,000
Adam Lippert - $246,000
Steve Goodemote - $251,000
Ryan Miller - $201,000
Anthony Mezzadonna - $231,000
Jay Treadway - $285,000

Event #10, Deep Stack: The Gambler

Tower of Power

"This should be an easy fold, but I call." And with that decision Nick Mendoza (South Amboy, NJ) goes from a healthy stack to chip leader.

The preflop action is:

Player 1: 6k
Mendoza: raise, 18k
Martino Scaturro: call
Frank Lubas: raise, 36k
Player 1: fold
Mendoza call
Scaturro: raise, all in 170k
Lubas: fold
Mendoza: tank and call.

Mendoza tables Q Q vs Scaturro A A ♣.

The turn brings the Q ♣ and a set to give Mendoza a 410k pot and the chip lead. "I knew I should fold, but I wanted to gamble and got lucky," says Mendoza who's hyperventilating while raking the pot.

On the flip side, Scaturro (Clark, NJ) takes the bad beat and elimination in stride, especially when he finds out another player folded the Q ♠ and he lost to the case queen. "What are you to do," he says. "You go to the next tournament and do your best."

On a side note, Lubas (Mantua, NJ) has bounced back from his 100k dinner break disaster. "Guess what hand I had? Jacks again, but this time I threw them away." Lubas is at 200k.

Level 15 (2k/4k/400 ante) underway.

Event #11, Limit: Dirty Dozen

12 players remain in the Limit event. Ahmed Mohamed (Scotch Plains, NJ) continues to lead the way with 160k. There are a couple of players hovering in the 90-100k range including Jack Kaplan (Lido Beach, NY) who has 92k.

Play continues until 9 players remain or 2 am, which ever comes first. If the final table is set relatively soon, players may have the option to play it out tonight instead of returning for Tuesday's Day 2.

Level 15 (1,500/3000) is underway.

Event #10 - NLHE (Deep Stack)

All players have returned from a 10-minute break.

190 players remaining
Avg. Stack - $95,657
Blinds @ 1,500/3,000/400a