Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Other David Williams

David Williams, 23rd ($11,034)

David Williams (Sykesville, MD) is all in for his last 220k preflop with K 10 . Sirous Jamshidi makes the call with 3 3 . The flop is 3 ♠ Q J giving Jamshidi a set, while Williams has a straight draw, flush draw and royal flush draw.

Jamshidi fades all of Williams' outs on the turn and river and Williams is eliminated in 23rd place ($11,034).

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  1. Actually the flop was Q OF DIAMOND, J of Diamonds and a 3 for a set. I had a open ended Royal straight flush draw [15 out!!!] I had a blast. Thinks Borgata for a great tourney.

    David Williams [the other]

    Hey real David Williams, I don't know if you know this but, you got credit for my cash in 09 wsop main event!! What do you say, lets go heads up for the $21,365 I won last year. Call me if you're interested. LOL....


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