Monday, February 1, 2010

Notable Stacks & Big Stacks

Unofficial Day 1B Chip Leader: Cornell Cimpan

As play ends in Day 1B, here's some big stacks & notable survivors among the participants that made it to day's end. Official chip counts will be posted in the morning, and the combined Day 1 field will meet in day 2 at 11 a.m. Tuesday. See you then!

Cornell Andrew Cimpan 184,000
Soheil Shamseddin 172,000
Anthony Sivolella 155,000
Alex "Jedi" N. 132,000
Frank Calo 131,950
John Renzi 126,000
Sang Kim 115,300
Michael Mercaldo 113,425
Tommy Vedes 99,900
Jeff Madsen 94,550
Nancy Martin 91,000
James Boyle 89,775

Joe Simmons 67,625
David Laufer 63,100
Dean Schultz 56,800
Feming Chan 52,700
Jason Mercier 50,825
Bill Blanda 38,000
Christian "charder" Harder 37,000
Barry Leventhal 31,000
Allen Kessler 24,000
Al Riccobono 21,050

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