Monday, February 1, 2010

Look Out For Table 33

Buzz around the Championship is that table 33 is crazy funny, or maybe it's funny crazy.

Funny because everyone is having a great time. Laughing, showing cards, egging people on...

Crazy because every pot is at least 15 to 20,000.

James "KGB" Bonfanti (Long Island, NY) has been there through it all. He pointed to his chip stack of 75,000 saying, "See that - I got that with only K-3. It's crazy." Then he laughed.

Part of the entertainment is coming from Soheil Shamseddin. When Sham Wow had AK and was up against an all-in AA he told the man holding rockets, "Good Luck" as if his A-K was way ahead.

When discussing Soheil's game KGB could only describe it with one word - FEARLESS.

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