Monday, February 1, 2010

Is The New Best Hand In Poker 2-3?

Soheil Shamseddin has a WPT Season 8 title to his name and is trying to take down the Borgata Winter Open Championship as well. His weapon of choice, "2-3 off-suit".

As the rest of the table razzed him, Soheil proudly defended, "I was trying to steal, then backed into a straight." On a board of A-K-2, Soheil hit runner, runner 4-5 to make the wheel.

Next the mighty 2-3 off suit took down pocket queens. I asked Shamseddin if 2-3 was his favorite hand. He replied, "No. I defend. I'm a position player". The player who had Q-Q shouted back, "Position player? I raised pre-flop four times the blinds."

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