Thursday, February 4, 2010

Huge, Huge, Huge Hand

Nick Kamen, Chip Leader

On the first hand back from break, Eric Blair (West Hartford, CT) hurries to his seat, just as the dealer is about to muck his cards. Maybe now he wishes he was late.

Nick Kamen opens for 127k and it folds to Blair in the SB. Blair comes over the top for 1.3 million total and is all-in.

Kamen goes in the tank and says, "I hate this hand," but after a few minutes makes the call, tabling A Q . Blair reveals A 10 and gets help on the turn when the K ♣ gives him 4 to a flush.

The river bricks and Blair's out in 15th
place ($23,294), while Kamen's the new chip leader with 3.3 million.

To balance the tables, Don Boivin (2.3 mil) has been moved, putting the three biggest stacks all at Table 2.

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  1. Nick good luck Friday, I'll be rooting for you. From the guy on the receiving end of the four fives.(Marc)


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