Monday, February 1, 2010

Howdy Neighbor

Jeff Madsen (seated) talks with Jason Mercier

As tables start condensing, Jeff Madsen's been reseated at table 3 and is next door to Jason Mercier who's been at table 4 all day.

In fact in a statistical anomaly, table 4 loses it's first player with 40 minutes left of play on the night. That's nearly 12 hours of play with the same 10 players and 300,000 chips.

The first victim is David Murgas (Loretto, PA), who has less then 1k after losing the hand before. Al Riccobono (Ossining, NY) sends him to the rail when his 10-8 flops trips against Murgas' 9-8.

Riccobono's been on life support most of the day, while Mercier has 40k. Next door Madsen is at a healthy 110k.

Level 8 winding down.

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