Monday, February 1, 2010

High Earners In The Field

Alan Kessler has 36,000 in chips.

Rather than talking about himself he humbly seemed more interested in pointing out other players in the field with large career earnings who have impressed him.

One was an internet poker player sitting directly to his left, Christian Harder (Annapolis, MD) and the other, two tables over, was Jonathan Little (Pensacola, FL).

Alan - "These guys are much better players than I am. You should be talking to them."

So I took his advice and met Jonathan. He's sitting on a stack of 20,000 after flopping a set against Fred Paradis (Jewett City, CT) flopped a straight.

As we were chatting, Jonathan's card, an ace, flipped over while being dealt. He joked, "I'll keep this one...No? Okay I'll give it back."

Kessler was right in that Jonathan's career earnings are over four million.

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