Friday, February 5, 2010

Grimes - 6th Place

Al Grimes ($116,468)

The miracle comeback for Al Grimes (Miller Place, NY) is over and the man who crippled him earlier in the day, ends Grimes' tournament.

Grimes (SB) completes the betting and sees a flop with Jeff Madsen (BB) in a blinds vs blinds battle.

♠ ♣

Flop: 10
5 10
Grimes leads out for 300k
Madsen calls

Turn: Q

Grimes checks
Madsen bets 750k
Grimes shoves and is all in for 1.5 million
Madsen calls.

Grimes: J
9 (open ended straight draw)
Madsen: 8
10 (trip 10s)

River: 5

Madsen wins the hand with a full house 10s full of 5s.

Grimes is pleased with his play, but can only wonder what could've been after losing a 7 million chip pot to Madsen, when Madsen went runner-runner to flush Grimes K-K.

"I thought I had him," he says. "That's the worst beat I ever took. I win that, I win the tournament.

Grimes was as low as 300k after the big pot, worked it back to 2.5 million, but isn't able to recover from the bad beat.

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