Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aces Flying

Childs In Charge

Lee Childs is barely seated at his new table when he gets hit with the deck. First he bets Jeff Madsen out of a pot and shows A-A to help alleviate the suspicion that he's making a move.

On the next hand, Childs picks up aces again and this time there's fireworks. A king hits the board on the turn and Childs' opponent shoves 600k, Childs calls and the table can't believe he has rockets again.

Childs has 10-10 easily dominated and is now close to 2 million chips as we're down to less than 40 players.

Hands are flying all over the Event Center. Double-ups, bust outs, tables breaking and rail birds trying to take in all the action.

Play will stop for the night when 27 players remain.

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