Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Event 1: Some Updates

Matt Stout is sitting on a nice stack of chips. It looked to be about 60k but I couldn't get a good count because he was too busy trying to bribe me to buy him a sausage sandwich.

He went on life tilt when I told him that they weren't selling anymore sausage sandwiches. We'll try to sort him out however with something else.

Larry Gold is sitting on a little more than a starting stack at his original table. "It's kinda tight. I can't even take advantage of it, because every time I make a move someone is there to 4 bet me."

Even so, he has managed to keep his head above water. Tables are playing so much differently. I've seen some uber aggressive tables, some super tight tables, and really weird tables where everyone just seems to be in an assembly line pushing bb's to the left.

On one of these tables I saw three limpers and the big blind to the flop. The flop came an A 2 5 rainbow. Everyone checked and the turn saw a 4. Everyone checked again, and the river brought a T. Once again, everyone checked.

One player turned up KK and the other showed AA winning with a set after the others mucked their cards. "Man we oughta be taken out back and shot," said the man holding KK. Others at the table just shook their heads, and one stated how weird that was. "I couldn't bet the turn or the river once it came 4 to a straight." said the guy with AA.

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