Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The PPI Perspective - Hope Springs Eternal

By David Zeitlin, PPI Elite Player

Event #1of the Borgata Winter Open is about new beginnings. While a few of the players in the Events Center have recently returned from playing tournaments in the Caribbean or the deep South, for the majority of the combatants in the room, this is our first serious tournament of the new year.

It's much like baseball's opening, when even Royals fans envision a pennant-winning campaign. The poker equivalent is the dream of a full calendar year of final table domination. Even the biggest donks in the room are permitted such visions today! At the start of the BWO (as evidenced by the 1500+ player turnout today), optimism abounds. It's a fresh start for us all, at the best venue on the East Coast.

Today we twist the cap and crack open 2010's tournament schedule. What lies in store? Best of luck to everyone in 2010!

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