Thursday, January 21, 2010

The PPI Perspective

By Matt Stout, PPI Elite Player

I'm donking it up here at my home casino for the 2010 Borgata Winter Open. I managed to run up a 80k+ stack in Event 1 (from 25k starting stack) and bust by the eighth level after a series of coolers and busting AQo vs AQo all in preflop.

Today's event was even shorter for me, which is why I'm now sitting on the rail watching one of my horses who is deep in Event 1. Hopefully he can take it down for $99k and make up for my dismal start!

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the next few events here so that I can fly to Biloxi and play their WPT main event. As soon as I'm done with the tournament I'll be rushing back here to play the $1500 NL, $2k heads up, and main event.

I really love the main events and structures here, but I'm especially excited for the $2k heads up, double-elimination tournament. That should be a really fun event that I'd love to take down.

Good luck to everyone coming down for the 2010 Borgata Winter Open, and I encourage you to try the sausage and peppers sandwich! They've got this fat guy's approval.

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