Saturday, January 23, 2010

EVENT #6 - NO LIMIT HOLD EM ($1,000 + $90)

NFL jerseys, Pokerstars Logos and custom made PPI pullovers are scattered throughout the field as Event #6 ends late registration.

The field has been capped at 451 players. Stay tuned for official payouts.

Swimming Champion and Olympic star, Michael Phelps, has his tablemates in awe as he tries to add a piece of poker hardware to his mantel.

More Notables include:
Lee Childs - Table 21
Manny Patel - Table 35
Willam Hill - Table 30
Brent Keller - Table 28
Jason Young - Tabvle 18
Mikey "Unbelievable" - Table 19
Eugene Castro - Table 32
Bill Blanda - Table 15
Josh Brikis - Table 27

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