Saturday, January 23, 2010

Event #5: Bubble Breaks, Heading Home

At 2 am the H.O.S.E. was at critical point with 20 players left and two away from the money. Tournament officials are ready to bag and tag, but on the final hand a player busts which creates the problem. Borgata won't bring back only one person from the money, so the remaining 19 players went hand for hand. (two from the bubble, they would've all come back looking to cash)

It takes 20 minutes, but eventually Barry Levy (Brooklyn, NY) makes the final kill and breaks the bubble. "There were a lot of short stacks just hanging on," he says. "I was able to do the dirty work."

Levy finishes the night with 198k in chips and is the unofficial leader.

The final 18 players return Saturday at 2 am as they play for the $18,613 top prize. Everyone's guaranteed $906.

Unofficial Chip Leaders

Barry Levy (Brooklyn, NY) 198k
Lee Ilagan (Berlin, NJ) 185k
George Krafft, JR (Absecon, NJ) 159k
David Arsht (Philadelphia, PA) 145k
Stuart Rotter (Clarksville, MD) 122k

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