Friday, January 22, 2010

Event #3, PLO: 7th - Linster

Mike Linster
7th Place - $1,779

Poker is a love/hate relationship. For Mike Linster (Levittown, NY) he loves making deep runs, but hates missing out on the big money.

Linster gets involved in a big hand with Brandon Paster and a misread costs him his tournament life. It's a three-handed limped pot with Linster holding A K 7 9 ♣. The flop is 10 7 3 and Paster's sitting on middle pair.

The turn is the A giving Linster two pairs and that's when the fireworks begin. Linster leads out for 20k, Paster makes it 75k and Linster repops all-in. Paster tables A 10 x-x for the better two pairs and the 300k+ pot.

"I should know better," says Linster, who takes home $1,779, "I didn't think he could put me on an ace and thought he was making a move. I was a little unlucky."

Linster will now focus on the rest of the Borgata Winter Open schedule. "I didn't come here to finish 7th, but I'll take the money and use it to play in another event."

Paster is now the dominant chip leader as Level 17 continues (4k/8k).

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