Saturday, January 23, 2010

Event #2: Sean Ripp Eliminated in 4th ($12,494)

Sean Ripp

Tyler Henry raises to 145,000 and Robert Perry goes all in for 725,000. Sean Ripp also goes all in for 855,000.

Tyler gets a count and finally folds Ah Kd face up.

Sean Ripp: K K
Robert Perry: 10 10

Board: 4 6 10 4 5

Sean has 200,000 left. On the very next hand, Chad Loube shoves for 165,000 and Sean re-raises all in for his last 185,000 after antes. Chad puts in a few chips to cover.

Chad: QJ
Sean: J8

Board: K 4 K 10 Q

Sean is out.

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