Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Event #1: Outer Limits

Don't Call Me "Merry" Merrifield

Had a chance to venture to the Poker Room to check on the 24 remaining tables on the first floor. Surprisingly most of the overflow crowd is perfectly fine with the separation from the Event Center.

"I like it actually," says Dave Merrifield (Secaucus, NJ), "I'm closer to the food downstairs," he says referring to the food court.

Merryfield's also in a good mood because he continues to stack a pile of chips and is at 285k. "No really big hands," says the Champion of the 2008 Winter Open $500 tournament, "I'm playing pretty well."

Case in point: On a board of A 7 8, Merrifield bets 7k and is called. It's a similar bet-call on the turn and after both players check the river, Merryfield shows A J for top pair and the winner.

Players in the Poker Room (24 tables) are getting anxious to join the main field (32 tables) which should happen in the next 2 hours.

Moving on to Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300 ante).

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