Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Event #1: Low Talker

Mayrose Making Magic

Bill Mayrose (Annapolis, MD) is a soft spoken, gentile man who's letting his chips and table mates do all the talking. He's sitting on more than 400k and everyone but Mayrose is amazed.

"He's only lost one showdown at the river," says Nathan Klotz (Manassas, VA), who guess Mayrose has won the other 11 hands. "I've been sitting to his right for 12 hours and just glad to still be here."

Mayrose's biggest haul is a 120k pot when he flops top two, his opponent turns a straight, but is sent packing when the board pairs giving Mayrose the river boat. "I used to be his accountant," says Klotz, "but, now I'm his agent."

As the rest of the table recites Mayrose's winning hands: 5-6, gut shot straight, 7-8 vs Q-Q, 9-10 flopped flush vs. K-Q, the older gentleman takes his time while laughing along. "I'm playing pretty well," he says.

"It doesn't matter how your playing," says one player, "you simply say, 'I took the pot.'"

"He's put a lot of players to the test and nobody's been able to withstand the challenge," says Klotz.

Level 14 continues (1.5k/3k 400 ante).

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